Parts of a Plant Lesson Ideas Worksheets
Parts of a Plant Lesson Ideas()

Parts of a Plant Lesson Ideas

Go on a nature walk around the school to identify as many plants as you can.

Discuss why some areas don't have any plants and brainstorm why.

Have a class brainstorm about all the things plants are used for.

Keep a science journal. Today we learned about xxx and I found out that xxx

Mystery plants. Give each student or groups of students plant seeds. Don't tell them what they are. Let them keep a journal about the plant growth and make predictions about what they think their mystery plant is.

Mystery plant riddles. Let each student create a riddle about their plant and then read them for all students to guess. (My plant grows on vines, my plant provides us with large orange fruit, you see my orange fruit in the month of October. (Pumpkin).

Make a plant collage, but this collage should only contain pictures of
products and the name of the plant it comes from. For example paper comes from a tree, a shirt comes from the cotton plant.

Make individual or group terrariums. The larger plastic soda bottles work well if you cut a U shape into them, fill half way with soil and plant your seeds. Put them in a window. (Put a shallow layer of gravel on the bottom before adding the soil, that way you won't need drainage.)

Make a seed collection or collage.

Design seed packages for your favorite plants.

Grow sprouts. Use damp paper towels to wrap mung seeds, lima beans, or
kidney beans in and slip them into a small plastic ziplock type bag. Keep them in a dark spot until they sprout. Them move them to the sunlight.

Make a leaf collage and label the leaves.

Make leaf prints. Collect leaves, use a sponge dipped lightly in paint to cover the leaf and press the painted leaf on to the paper.

Press flowers between paper towels in books. Make pressed flower art
pictures or bookmarks.

Make potpourri by drying many flowers.

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