Persuasive Argument Success Criteria Worksheets
Persuasive Argument Success Criteria()

Persuasive Argument Success Criteria

Persuasive Argument Success Criteria For Google Apps

Persuasive Argument Success Criteria

My opening paragraph clearly states the issue and an overview of the main
Each paragraph is focused on one key point.
Each topic and reason sentence is supported by evidence and an example.
My reasons are sequenced by priority with the most important first. I have
included significant detail.
My conclusion focuses on the main points, I end with a very strong
recommendation and reason to convince the reader.

I stick with one tense.
Strong use of verbs.
Connective words are used.
I have used cause and effect. (Clearly state the action and what it leads to.)
I have used strong, convincing words and effective adjectives.
Strong emotion about how I feel is very evident throughout my writing.
I have a strong conclusion.
My grammar, punctuation and spelling has been checked and is correct.

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