Percentage Word Problems Worksheets
Percentage Word Problems()

Percentage Word Problems

Percentage Word Problems For Google Apps

Percentage Word Problems

Percentage word problem worksheets with answers. 7th and 8th grade math word problems involving percent.

1.) The case of pears cost $21.95 but I got it for 10% off. What did I pay?
2.) Apps are on sale all week, I grabbed one that would have cost $2.99 but with 25% off, what
did I pay?
3.) $250.00 memberships were discounted 56%! Do you know how much I?ll pay for that
membership now?
4.) The concert tickets are $190.00 but my friend can get us 20% off. How much will the ticket
cost with the discount?
5.) To buy the car new is $43,500.00 however, if you wait 18 months, it?s 55% cheaper. How
much can you get the car for in 18 months?
6.) The extra data costs are $20.99 monthly but they?re offering 20% off that. What will my
monthly cost be with the 20% off?
7.) The online book is $29.00 but the tax and shipping is another 25%. What will it cost me
with the tax and shipping?
8.) My soda was $3.10 but I left a 10% tip. What did I end up paying altogether? $
9.) I wished I?d bought the game last week for $199.00. I missed the sale, and now it?s an
additional 25%. What will it cost me now?
10.) The camera was $824.99 but I had to pay the additional 10% tax. What did I pay in total
for my camera?

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