Percentage Word Problems Worksheets
Percentage Word Problems()

Percentage Word Problems

Percentage word problem worksheets. Here are the samples of the percentage word problems.
The price of 6 week old Beagle puppies are $339.50 but they?re coming on sale this Friday
and will be 20% cheaper. How much will the puppy cost me if I buy it on Friday?
2.) Tennis socks have been discounted and are only $4.79 this week. They usually cost
$7.99. What percentage is the discount?
3.) I paid $3.50 for the markers but I?ll discount them 25% as the package is missing. How
much are the markers with the 25% discount?
4.) I only paid $69.65 for my new helmet as they were offering a 30% discount! How much
would I have paid if I didn?t get the discount?
5.) New tablets are on sale for 40% off. They?re normally $149.50. What will I pay for my tablet
when I get 40% off?
6.) That $3.00 app you wanted is on sale for 32% off. What will it cost now?
7.) The top I want is $36.95 but because I work there, I get a 40% discount. What will I pay for
the top?
8.) It?s $10.95 to get into the show but seniors get a discount on Tuesdays of 37% off. What
will seniors pay on Tuesday?
9.) The amusement park memberships are $519.95 but there?s a pre-Christmas sale of 20%.
How much do they cost with the sale?
10.) I only paid $29.21 for the vest as I got a 25% discount. What was the price before the

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