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This resource is valuable for your solar unit. It will give your students information on the earth in a simple, concise way. They will learn what it is made of, how it rotates and its interaction with the sun.

Earth is our home planet and it is the third closest planet to the sun. Earth is between Venus and Mars and it is 93,000,000 miles or 150 million
kilometers from the sun. Earth is a planet that is made from rock, water and gas. It is doubtful that there is life on the other seven planets but earth has air and water which is what is needed for life. Earth is always in motion. Each day on earth, the sun rises in the east and it sets in the west. But, the sun doesn’t actually move across the sky. Earth rotates around its axis on an imaginary line from pole to pole, like a spinning top from west to east turning toward the sun and away from the sun! While earth is like a spinning top going from west to east, it is also
revolving around the sun. Earth is on a tilt on its axis which creates the four seasons. When the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, it is their summer. When the southern hemisphere is titled toward the sun, it is their summer. Likewise, the opposite hemispheres will be experiencing winter as the tilt is farther away from the sun. Night and day are a result of earth’s spinning motion on its axis. It does one full spin every 24 hours and as it faces the sun, there is daylight while the other side of the world experiences night. Earth, along with the other planets are all held in their orbits around the sun by the force of gravity between the planet and the sun. Earth’s movement around the sun is shaped almost like a circle but not quite which is why it its orbit shape is called an ellipse. Our earth is heated by solar energy from the sun which is called insolation. The sun doesn’t heat earth evenly because of earth’s sphere shape. Therefore the heat from the sun is stronger near earth’s equator and cooler at the poles.

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