Opinion Writing Prompts Worksheets
Opinion Writing Prompts()

Opinion Writing Prompts

Should students wear school uniforms.
Are students cheating more because of the amount of information available online?
Should pets be allowed to come to school with you?
Should healthy lunches be provided at school?
Should football be banned because it is too dangerous?
Should students have gym every day?
Should violent video games be banned?
Should movie stars lives be private?
Do people lie too much?
Should everyone have to do community service hours?
What is the best type of music?
What is the best movie of all time?
What is the best way to be happier?
What is the best way to cheer somebody up?
Are more students misbehaving in school?
Do people get enough exercise?
Is healthy eating over rated?
Does technology distract us too much?
Are kids using their technology too much?
What is the best destination for a holiday?
Should cigarettes be banned?
What is the best type of animal to have for a pet?
What causes a video to go viral in your opinion?
Should you get money for great grades?
What are most people afraid of?
Is technology causing us to be less social?
Your opinion on whether school should be 4 or 5 days a week?

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