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News Lead Teaching Activity()

News Lead Teaching Activity

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News Lead Teaching Activity

Free teaching activities for grades 7-10 for writing news leads.
This is a writing activity to teach your kids about news leads. It explains what a good lead is. Then students will be asked to write a lead that is based on an event in their life and a lead that is an event at school or in the community.

A good lead is creative and makes the reader want to continue reading the
full story.
1) The main facts are captured in one or two sentences.
2) It is written very succinctly but is engaging and captures the reader’s attention.
3) Is it free of opinion and value judgments.
4) It is grammatically correct and it is spelled correctly.

Practice writing a lead for the following:
A lead that is based on an event in your life
A lead that is an event in the school or community:

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