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News Lead Learning Activity()

News Lead Learning Activity

News Lead Learning Activity For Google Apps

News Lead Learning Activity

Teaching activities for ELA for media in grades 7-10. Use this news activity to help your students to recognize the lead and highlight important information. then they will write a news lead about something like a sports event, a fundraiser, celebrity etc.

News releases are written in a succinct style to grab your attention. The lead is the opening of the story and will usually contain the “who, what, where, when, why and how’. This is considered the relevant information.

The task: Locate several news stories. For each of them, use your highlighter and highlight the relevant and important information. Make notes of what might be missing and what questions you still have.
Write a news lead about an event that is going locally or nationally. (This could be a sports event, fundraiser, conflict, celebrity...)

Points to remember:
2-3 sentences that are informative and succinct
Include all relevant information
Avoid redundancy and unnecessary words
Be engaging so that the reader wants to continue reading

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