News in Social Media Activity Worksheets
News in Social Media Activity()

News in Social Media Activity

News in Social Media Activity For Google Apps

News in Social Media Activity

An English Language Arts activity for your journalism and news unit. Great exercise for your grade 7 - 10 class. They will need to ponder what newsy item they have heard in the last few days. Where did it come from and is it valid or truthful?

Think back over the last few days. Chances are, you got news from a social media source/post. List what you read/heard that is ‘newsy’ and identify which type of social media it came from.
Explain where the news likely originated from—social posts usually originates from an alternate source.
In your opinion, is the news valid and truthful, explain:
What questions did you still have after reading the news from a social post?
If you wanted additional information on social media posted news, where would you find it and why?

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