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News and Media Activity()

News and Media Activity

News and Media Activity For Google Apps

News and Media Activity

This is a teaching activity for your unit on news and media. Your grade 7-10 students will be asked about the resources that they receive their news from. They will then have to answer questions on their resources. See below for the task.

List the main sources that you receive your news from and explain where this news originates.
Explain how you determine the accuracy of the news from your sources.
Compare the sources of your news with two others. What are the differences? Why do they select those news sources?
For the next week—do not use your usual news sources. Find three new sources and read them for the week. Compare the differences between them and decide which sources are more reliable, truthful and informative.
If you wanted truthful, timely and accurate coverage of a current news event, which source would you use and why? A teaching activity about the news available in google slides and to print.

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