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Analyze the News

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Analyze the News

Writers and authors construct the news, readers construct the meaning.
Locate 2 online news articles and complete the following:

Your goal is to distinguish between fact and opinion, identify bias and understand that it is important to think critically and not take anything at face value with online media.

Who wrote it?
Who published it?
What is the purpose of this news article?
Is there a bias, assumption or judgement in the news article? Describe if so.
Would everyone take the same message or meaning from this news article? Why or why not?
How might others see it differently?
Does this news story influence your thinking in any way? Why or why not?
Is anyone or a group shown in a positive or negative way? Describe.
Is there anything left out in this news article? (What questions do you still have?)
How does this news story get your attention? (Describe features and content).
Do you feel confident that this news story is credible and reliable?
Why or why not?

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