Narrative-Writing-Prompts Worksheets


Here is a list of writing prompts for narrative writing:
The most exciting or embarrassing event you?ve experienced
The person you would like to trade lives with
Invent a tall tale and make it believable
The day we ran out of water
If all the cars in the world were painted red
If everyone in the world became a vegetarian
The day you had to stay overnight at the school due to a storm
A day in the life of a super hero
A day in the life of a multi millionaire
The day the toys came alive
The day all the books in the library starting talking
When the martians landed
Life on a different planet
When my pet began to talk
The crime of the century
The best amusement park ever
The year 2050
When the animals escaped from the zoo
The day they made you mayor
The day you are ?bionic? for 24 hours
The day you found a message in a bottle at the beach
If you could make the world a better place?.

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