Narrative-Writing-Lesson Worksheets


Narrative-Writing-Lesson For Google Apps


How to write in narrative format:

Did you use 2 to 3 sentences to introduce the topic?
Did you introduce your topic with supporting details?
Do your supporting details completely relate to the topic?
Is your topic stated clearly?
Is your introductory paragraph catchy and does it engage the reader?


Do you have a paragraph for each of your 3-5 details?
Is each detail clearly stated at the beginning of each paragraph?
Did you back up each detail with facts?
Is it effectively organized?
Did you include closing remarks at the end of each paragraph and lead into the next paragraph?


Did you re-state your topic idea?
Did you finish with an ending that leaves the reader satisfied?
Did you summarize the previous paragraphs?


Is your narrative interesting and well focused?
Did you use strong, supporting and relevant details?
Do all your paragraphs relate well to your topic?
Have you really captured your reader?s interest?
Have you left your readers satisfied?

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