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Teacher Ideas and Questions

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Teacher Ideas and Questions

Use these ideas in the classroom or homeschool situation. They will give you a starting point for your unit on narratives.

The purpose of a narrative is to tell the audience a story. Narratives can be written to
entertain, educate or motivate. Narratives can be a non fiction or a fiction.
Brainstorm all the types of narrative writing. (fantasy, horror, legend, myth, fairy tale,
fantasy, science fiction …)
Start with a narrative prompt and let students volunteer what comes next to write a class cooperative narrative.
Go on a classroom scavenger hunt to see how many different types of narratives there are throughout the classroom.
Brainstorm all the words used to describe characters
How can you begin a story to hook the audience?
Have students write a personal narrative about a life event.
Do a brainstorm with the students about some of the best narratives they’ve read.
Use wordless picture books and brainstorm a story.
Discuss the importance of having beginnings, middles and endings. What would happen if one was missing?
Review stories that have a great opening. What makes is great? What makes the reader want to read on?
Read selections from a variety of books to get students to determine where the setting is.
Determine how authors describe the setting to build the image in your mind
Read a few stories, have the students stop you or make jot notes every time they use their senses to comprehend the story. (see, hear, feel, touch or taste)
Brainstorm what ‘page turner ‘means. What makes a page turner?

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