3 Digit Basic Word Problems Worksheets
3 Digit Basic Word Problems()

3 Digit Basic Word Problems

3 Digit Basic Word Problem worksheets.
1. Each person has 111 cupcakes, if there are 4 people, how many cupcakes are there in
2. If I do 106 minutes of homework every night. How many minutes of homework will I
have done in 7 nights?
3. I have 117 photos in my book. My friend has 9 times as many photos as I do in her book.
How many photos does my friend have in her book?
4. Mara swims 108 laps every day. How many laps will Mara swim in 10 days?
5. Lily has 101 times more cookies than Jackie. Jackie has 15 cookies. How many cookies
does Lily have?
6. Bella has 145 marbles but her friend Jackie has 3 times what she has. How many
marbles does Jackie have?
7. There are 113 apples in a carton. How many apples are there in 4 cartons?
8. Mason can cycle 127 miles per hour. How far can Mason cycle in 16 hours?
9. Ava's garden has 141 rows of pumpkins. Each row has 13 pumpkins. How many
pumpkins does Ava have in all?
10. If there are 133 pears in each box and there are 13 boxes, how many pears are there in

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