2 Digit Basic Word Problems Worksheets
2 Digit Basic Word Problems()

2 Digit Basic Word Problems

2 digit multiplication worksheets.
1. If I do 33 minutes of homework every night. How many minutes of homework will I have
done in 7 nights?
2. I have 37 photos in my book. My friend has 9 times as many photos as I do in her book.
How many photos does my friend have in her book?
3. If there are 39 oranges in each box and there are 6 boxes, how many oranges are there
in total?
4. Mara's garden has 98 rows of pumpkins. Each row has 2 pumpkins. How many
pumpkins does Mara have in all?
5. Oliver swims 72 laps every day. How many laps will Oliver swim in 4 days?
6. Lily has 51 chocolates but her friend Daisy has 3 times what she has. How many
chocolates does Daisy have?
7. Mara has 60 times more pears than Amy. Amy has 4 pears. How many pears does Mara
8. Mason can cycle 88 miles per hour. How far can Mason cycle in 7 hours?
9. If there are 45 train arrivals every day. How many train arrivals are there in 3 days?
10. Each person has 14 candies, if there are 2 people, how many candies are there in total?

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