Motion and Stability Project Worksheets
Motion and Stability Project()

Motion and Stability Project

This handout is a little project for your students to complete. This will help students practice the information they have learned on motion and force. I am sure the kids have either watched track n field or had the opportunity to watch the Olympics. In this activity they will choose 8 events. They can think of their own or use some from the list given. They must discuss the motion, direction, friction and forced used in each event. An example is below.
At the beginning of the race, the hurdler will use a force to push his feet o? the block. Hurdlers push back on the block with their feet to move forward quickly (Newton’s 3rd law, for every action, there is a reaction.) The hurdler also uses more force on the track to lift their stride in the air and over the hurdle. The more force they use, the farther they will go. The mass of the hurdler is important too, the greater the mass of the hurdler, the more air resistance there will be. A hurdler uses speed in a straight direction with up and down movement over the hurdles.

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