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Media Forms

Media form lesson plan and worksheet.
Five of the common forms of advertising are: Radio Advertising, Newspaper Advertising, Television, Direct Mail, Web/Online. For this assignment, select a single product or service of your choosing and create ads for each of the
5 media forms listed. For this assignment, please follow the guidelines below for each type of ad you create, all ads must be
persuasive and convincing.

Radio Advertisement:
Ad must be between 30 and 60 seconds
Ad needs an opening attention grabber
Ad should incorporate of background sound
Ad needs to include a benefit ?What?s in it for me?

Newspaper Advertisement:
Ad must have an attention getting headline
Ad must be clear, easy to read and factual
Ad must include contact information and may include relevant pictures
Ad must have no more than 2-3 sentences to explain your goods or service

Newspaper Advertisement:
Ad must be between 25-30 seconds and cannot exceed 30 seconds
Ad should be ?say it, explain it, repeat it? (good TV advertising strategy)
Ad must include voice, action, sound effects and props if necessary

Television Advertisement:
Ad must be between 22-30 seconds and cannot exceed 30 seconds
Your product/service much be clearly communicated
Keep it engaging and memorable like a story to ensure your audience stays tuned
Include attention getting and keeping strategies

Online Advertisement:
Be creative, make your ad stand out
Include a logo and/or slogan
What will entice your user to click through? (Ads online are created to ensure the user clicks through to the advertisers business/site.)

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