Magnet Inquiry Worksheets
Magnet Inquiry()

Magnet Inquiry

On this printout it asks students questions about magnets. You will need to distribute some magnets, paperclips and paper in order for them to complete this handout. Can you make a paper clip become a magnet? (rub a paper clip several times along a magnet, test it) 2. Can you ?nd the poles of a magnet? How? 3. Do both poles attract metal? How do you know? 4. Do magnets stick to each other? Do both poles stick to each other? 5. Is there a magnetic attraction when you have paper between the magnet and paper clips? 6. Give an example of when a magnet pulls and an example of when a magnet pushes. Write these answers in a science book or on a separate piece of paper. Remember to also provide 3 statements about what you learned about.

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