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Teacher Questions

A car moves and makes exhaust. Is it living? Why or why not?
How do you know when something is living?
How do you know when something is non-living?
Brainstorm the things that living things do.
Brainstorm the things that non living things do.
Brainstorm all the differences between living and non living things.
What things can you think of that was living and now isn?t?
How are animals and plants alike?
How are animals and plants different?
Clouds move, are they alive? Why are why not?
Is a potato alive? Why or why not?
Are all things that move alive? Explain.
Brainstorm all the things that move but are not living.
What is the difference between things that move that are non living?
Are all non living things man made? Explain.
Are all natural things living ( clouds, rain, volcanoes, tornadoes?) ? Explain
Is a seed living or non living.

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