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Light Energy for Teachers

Light is energy that comes from waves. Light comes from 2 sources, natural and artificial.
Light energy comes from electricity, the sun, batteries and from fires (candles, wood and coal furnaces)
Light energy can be man made or natural

Have students brainstorm all the things that require light.

From the above list of all things that require light, determine which are man made and

Have students brainstorm what life would be like without any light.

Describe how light makes change.

Students should look through magazines and newspapers and cut out everything that light was needed for.

Brainstorm what solar power is and things that use solar power.

Take some dark colored paper and leave it exposed to light. Ask the children what
happened. (Paper absorbs light energy which causes change.)

Ask the children how sunlight affect temperature.
Brainstorm all of the things that that temperature is impacted by.

Think, Pair, Share: why is light so important to every day life?

List 5 things in order of priority that we rely on light in our daily lives.

Brainstorm how light impacts temperature.

Brainstorm what would happen without light.

Has the power ever gone out at school? In your home? Why does the power go out? What is missed the most when the power goes out?

Brainstorm all the things you can do when the power/lights go out.

Brainstorm how you can conserve light energy.

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