Lesson Ideas for Human Body Worksheets
Lesson Ideas for Human Body()

Lesson Ideas for Human Body

Have students trace an outline of their body on large chart or butcher paper, cut it out and add bones or add the major body parts.
Divide students into groups and let each group research and prepare a presentation on a body part (lungs, heart, skeleton, digestive system, muscles, brain)
Have students make a timeline showing what happens to food as it passes through the parts of the digestive system
Play Simon Says, however, for this version, Simon says point to where your lungs are, or point to where your esophagus is or point to where your brain lives etc. This helps to reinforce where our important organs are.
Mystery part. Have each child come up with 2 or 3 clues about their mystery part,
students have a chance to guess at what the mystery part is.
Put on a Human Body fair. Each student or pair of students puts together a project based on their chosen organ or body part.
Each day the Human Body is being studied, have the students write in their journal, 3 things I couldn't do without my ________
Have students create a poster about keeping their body healthy.
Have students make flashcards about the different body parts
Have students complete the following with 3 or 4 reasons: I exercise because...I eat healthy because...
Brainstorm as many Human Body words as you can and put them on the word wall
Use the words H U M A N B O D Y to have students do an acrostic poem using words that have to do with the human body (H-humerus...
Set up a science centre with books, x-rays, posters, models
Have students make a human bod word search with a blank word search puzzle
Integrate the human body with art and let students create a human body collage or mobile
Have students write riddles cards about the body parts and then play the game in small groups or as a whole class
Let students make up a true or false quiz about body parts

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