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Writing Prompts January()

Writing Prompts January

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Writing Prompts January

What should I write about? How many times are you asked this question by your students? Hopefully, this resource of writing prompts for January will alleviate that question.

Write about your New Year's resolutions or goals,
Describe the winter weather and how it makes you feel,
What is your favorite winter outdoor activity, and why?
Write a letter to your future self, asking about your achievements,
If you could visit a snowy kingdom, what would it be like?
Describe your perfect snowman,
Write about a time when you helped a friend in need,
What do you like to do on a quiet winter afternoon?
If you could have any winter pet, what would it be, and why?
Describe your favorite hot drink to enjoy in the cold weather,
Write a story about a penguin's adventure,
What is your favorite winter memory?
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?
Describe the best way to stay cozy in the winter,
Write a letter to a snowflake, asking about its journey from the sky,
What are your wishes for the year ahead?
If you could be an explorer, what would you discover in the Arctic?
Describe your family's winter traditions and celebrations,
Write about a time when you felt very proud of yourself,
What is your favorite winter holiday, and how do you celebrate it?
Write a poem about the beauty of a snowy landscape,
Describe the sounds of a winter night,
If you could have a winter adventure with your friends, what would you do?
What is your favorite thing about winter break?
Write a letter to an animal in hibernation, asking about its dreams,
Describe the most amazing winter day you can imagine,
What is your favorite winter game or sport?
Write about a time when you shared something special with a friend,
If you could create your own winter holiday, what would it be, and how would you celebrate?
Describe your favorite winter book or story.

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