Inverted Pyramid Poster Worksheets
Inverted Pyramid Poster()

Inverted Pyramid Poster

Inverted Pyramid Poster For Google Apps

Inverted Pyramid Poster

Teaching activities for the inverted pyramid in journalism for grades 7-10.
This is a great resource to post in your classroom as you teach your media unit. It will give your students Knowledge on how to write a great news article.

Journalists traditionally use what is referred to as the ‘Inverted Pyramid’ as their formula for writing. The ‘need to know’ information comes at the top and the ‘nice to know’ information is located farther down the pyramid. Information is prioritized, the top of the pyramid will have the significant information (the lead) and the middle (the body) and the bottom (the tail) will have the less significant or less important information. Typically the Who, What, When and Where will occur at the top of the pyramid usually within the lead. All journalism teaching activities are in google aps and print format.

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