Inherited or Acquired Traits Activity Worksheets
Inherited or Acquired Traits Activity()

Inherited or Acquired Traits Activity

This will be a fun activity for your students to complete. They will read the sentences below and determine if they are inherited traits or acquired. Inherited they will get from their parents like having freckles. Acquired will be if they are able to swim. They will be interested to see that they are the way they are in many instances thanks to their parents.

_____________________________________How tall you are?

_____________________________________ Freckles on your face?

_____________________________________ Being able to swim?

_____________________________________Playing a musical instrument?

_____________________________________Running fast?

_____________________________________A tattoo on your arm?

_____________________________________Speaking Italian or French?


_____________________________________Earlobe shape?

_____________________________________Curling your tongue?

_____________________________________Riding a skateboard?

_____________________________________Having wavy hair?

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