Inclined Plane Teacher Information Worksheets
Inclined Plane Teacher Information()

Inclined Plane Teacher Information

Inclined planes make the job of moving heavier objects up or down. Show examples that inclined planes are really ramps that go up or down as they are higher at one end and lower at the other. (An easy example would be to have students lift a pile of books, then set them on a desk or flat surface and tilt the surface. Ask which is easier to move the books.) An inclined plane is a tilted flat surface.

Examples of Inclined Planes: Ramps, slides, roller coasters, hills, ladders, slopes

Prompt students with, how would they roll something.
Ramps are devices that do work, brainstorm as many uses of ramps that you can think of..
Look through a variety of internet site, books or magazines to find examples of inclined planes. (simple machines)
List all the ways you can think of that simple machines/inclined planes help us?
Brainstorm any examples of inclined planes that are in the school? playground? neighborhood?
Hills and flights of stairs are also inclined planes. Describe how both of these help us?
Use various classroom materials to allow for the building of ramps. Build a ramp that will allow a marble or mini car (hot wheels) to travel.
Have students use Lego or other building toys to make ramps. It’s important for students to see the difference between long shallow ramps and steeper short ramps. Allow for this type of investigation/inquiry with classroom materials.

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