Figures of Speech Examples Worksheets
Figures of Speech Examples()

Figures of Speech Examples

Give my right arm. (To really want something badly)
At the drop of a hat. (Very eager for something)
Back to square one. (Starting something over again, back to the beginning)
Has all the bells and whistles. (Something with all the extras)
Bed of roses. (Something is easy, nice or wonderful)
Get your act together. (Stay on task, get organized, be responsible)
Upset the apple cart. (Upset something or spoil a plan).
Asking for trouble. (Behaving inappropriately, sure to cause a problem)
Rude awakening. (Face a truth, surprised at something that isn’t as easy as initially thought.
Get cracking. (Hurry up, start doing it immediately)
Get cold feet. (Become nervous, hesitant to do something, become anxious).
On the fence. (Not sure, uncertain, undecided about something).
Flies off the handle. (Becomes suddenly angry, doesn’t take things well.)
Food for thought. (Makes you think seriously, had you pondering the ideas).
Putting her foot down. (Exercising authority, being strict, sticking to ….)
Piece of cake. (Easy to do)
Put on your thinking caps. (Think hard to solve something)
Let the cat out of the bag. (Reveal something, tell on somebody.)
Like clockwork. (Regularly, exactly as expected)
Cough it up. (unwillingly asked to provide information, asked to divulge something)
Same boat. (In similar trouble, same unpleasant situation.)
No skin off my nose. (matters not, nothing to lose, don’t care one way or another.
Gift of the gab. (Talks a lot, talks confidently with ease.)
Get cracking. (Get on task immediately, get something done now.)
Low down. (Find out the information, become informed about.)
Cat out of the bag. (Telling something you’re not supposed to, reveal something you’re not supposed to.)
Keep a lid on it. (Don’t say anything, keep it to yourself, don’t let others find out.)
Burn the midnight oil. (Working late on something.)
Get off your high horse. (Pretending to be more important, better than others)
Full of hot air. (Talking nonsense or non-truths, exaggerating)
Cracking down. (Enforcing something, making sure you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to).
Off the hook. (Don’t have to do something).
Cool as a cucumber. (Calm, composed, arrogant and/or relaxed)
Early bird catches the worm (Promptness, greater chance of success)
Dead ringer (exact duplicate, almost the same)
Devil’s advocate. (take an opposing position just to test your argument or side).
Safe hands (with someone reliable or trusted)
Easy as pie (very easy)
Upper hand (winning or dominant position)
Gung ho (enthusiastic about)
I could use a hand (request to have some help)
Cross my fingers. (hope for a positive outcome, show optimism)

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