I or Me Worksheets
I or Me Worksheets()

I or Me Worksheets

I or Me Worksheets For Google Apps

I or Me Worksheets

Here are sentences showing the use of I and me. I and me vocabulary.

1. Walk with me , I need the company.
2. You and I should go to the park.
3. Jake asked me to help him.
4. He needs to ask Ken or me .
5. This is between you and me , don't mention it to Jake.
6. Bill told Sue and me to go.
7. If I go outside, I'll get cold.
8. She told Sam and me to leave.
9. She wants to play with you and me .
10. She and I have to shop today.
11. Come with Joe and me to the movies.
12. The dogs took a liking to my sister and me .

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