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Task Cards for Hydrosphere

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Task Cards for Hydrosphere

Task cards are an interactive resource and are very beneficial for student use. They are particularly helpful for differentiated instruction. Task cards chunk the task so struggling students do not get overwhelmed with too much information. Students will be engaged and therefore eager to complete the task. These task cards are a real benefit for teachers that are covering the hydrosphere.

1. Report on local bodies of water and habitats.
2. Make a report of the weather patterns that have occurred in your area over the past 12 months and compare it with 50 years ago.
3. Make a poster about the water and landforms around it in your area.
4. Make a report about the sources of water pollution and share the results.
5. Investigate and report on the impact of pollution on aquatic life.
6. Research and write about a drought, use W4 & H (where, when, why, what,
and how).
7. Construct a model of an ocean food web and identify the relationships
between different living things.
8. Research and report the effects of melting glaciers on sea level rise.
9. Make a presentation about the water cycle in different climate zones.
10. Make a poster about the effects of water pollution on food webs.
11. Learn about water conservation efforts in your area and report on it.
12. Learn and report about the impact of human activities on water resources.
13. Compare water conservation methods from around the world.
14. Create a model or diagram of the water cycle and explain each part.
15. Investigate the different methods of conserving water and create a
presentation to share the results.
16. Design a water-saving device that can help conserve water.
17. Create a mini-aquarium with construction paper, modeling clay and a
shoebox. Explain the interactions that occur.
18. Learn the difference between fresh and saltwater, prepare a report on the differing living things that occur in both.

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