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Quiz for Hydrosphere

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Quiz for Hydrosphere

Are you finished your unit on the Earth's spheres? Do you need a quiz to evaluate your 4th graders. This quiz is ready for you to print. There is also a digital version for you to test your remote learners.

water that is stored beneath the earth’s surface
A. salinity B. hydrosphere C. groundwater D. evaporation E. runoff

the part of the earth which is made up of water and water vapor
A. flooding B. ocean C. glacier D. atmosphere E. hydrosphere

an area of land that is covered with water, such as swamps and marshes
A. tide B. precipitation C. wetland D. groundwater E. drought

when large amounts of water cover a normally dry area
A. flooding B. condensation C. acid rain D. aquifer E. water cycle

the vast body of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface
A. wetland B. water cycle C. ocean D. surface water E. pollution

the amount of salt dissolved in water
A. aquifer B. ocean C. salinity D. groundwater E. tide

the regular rise and fall of the ocean's surface caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun

A. glacier B. tide C. evaporation D. precipitation E. salinity

water that is on the surface of the earth, such as lakes and rivers
A. surface water B. drought C. acid rain D. runoff E. pollution

a long period of time with very little rain
A. flooding B. surface water C. hydrosphere D. drought E. condensation

rain that is more acidic than normal, caused by pollutants in the air
A. acid rain B. atmosphere C. atmosphere D. condensation E. salinity

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