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Write Entertainment News

What is entertainment news? Most news contain an entertainment section. Entertainment news often include reviews for movies, live theatee performances, restaurant reviews, celebrity news, TV shows, celebrity gossip and music, new books and video games to name a few. To write a good entertainment article, you need to know your topic and
research it well. When writing entertainment articles, it?s often acceptable to be a critic as well.
The Task
Locate 3 entertainment features/articles and list their sources.

Identify what the 3 entertainment articles are about.

Are the questions who, what, when, and where, answered (if appropriate) ?

How does the headline draw your attention to the article?

Does the lead address a review of the entertainment and provide the writer?s opinion?

Is the writer?s opinion clearly backed up with reasons?

How does the writing convey praise or criticism for the review/article?

In your opinion, is this entertainment article effective? Why or why not?

How did the writer influence you?

Is there anything that could be improved upon in this sports article?

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