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Sports Writing Analysis

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Sports Writing Analysis

Can you analyze a good sports story when you see one? Most news contains a sports features/stories. Sports features contain a lead and the body. Most sports writers have a love of sports along with a strong knowledge of sports and athletes. Sports features capture the emotions of their readers. A good sports writer helps the reader visualize the event and make them feel like they were almost there. After all, a good sports feature often has a reader reading the feature twice!
The Task
? Locate 3 news features/stories and list the sources for the editorials.

? Identify what the 3 stories are about.

? Are the questions who, what, when, where, and how answered?

? How does the headline draw your attention to the article?

? Does the lead address the most important elements of the event?

? Determine if and how you could validate the facts that were conveyed.

? How does the writing convey enthusiasm for the event?

? In your opinion, is this sports article effective? Why or why not?

? Do you feel the highlights, outcome and its significance were addressed?

? Is there anything that could be improved upon in this sports article?

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