An Overview on How to Read Worksheets
An Overview on How to Read()

An Overview on How to Read

This is an overview of the steps required to learn to read or to teach reading. Learning to read, and teaching reading is a complex process. The amount of time it takes to learn to read varies for every individual. The reading process begins with identifying letters, letter sounds, basic words, high frequency words, basic books to higher level books and with each stage the level of comprehension improves with the goal being independent reading and "critical thinking".

How to Read: an overview.

-Learn the letter names and the sounds they make (use alpha dictionaries, flash cards and oral activities etc.)

-Use phonics, picture clues, memory and word structure to de-code words.

-Focus on high frequency words (Dolch words) and rhyming words. (Sight)

-Use beginning, middle and ending sounds to de-code words.

-Use word families (at, mat, cat, set, let, met, hop, pop, top...)

-Use low vocabulary books with repeated readings--match books to level

Comprehension skills:

Examples of comprehension skills:
-re-tell a story
-infer meaning
-understand the sequence of events
-recognize main ideas
-understand cause

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