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How to Debate Worksheet()

How to Debate Worksheet

How to Debate Worksheet For Google Apps

How to Debate Worksheet

How to have a classroom debate. Worksheets for debates. Although debates can be a very formal process, the classroom teacher can exercise some flexibility as to how the classroom debate will function. Rules regarding debates will differ depending upon the country. These
instructions focus on learning how to debate at the classroom level.

3 Groups:

There will be a for group, an against group and a judge or judges. These groups can also be referred to as the affirmative group and the opposing group. There must be the same number of individuals on the for and on the against group. The teacher will decide whether there will be one judge or more than one judge.


Each group is required to research the debate topic to support their
position. Points are given for being able to defend with evidence and being able to answer questions strongly and with convincing evidence. It doesn’t necessarily matter which team wins.


First, the for group presents, then the against group presents. Each group gets approximately three minutes to present their side. (Explain the plan, why it’s needed or not needed and provide an overall summary with a strong argument for or against. The against group will raise questions about the for group’s position and provide convincing information against the position. Then each group has a chance for a first and second rebuttal. NOBODY interrupts. It is helpful to use a stop watch and allow 2-3 minutes for each rebuttal.

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