Heredity and Trait Terms Worksheets
Heredity and Trait Terms()

Heredity and Trait Terms

Heredity and Trait Terms For Google Apps

Heredity and Trait Terms

This is an awesome resource for your students to have as a reference when learning about heredity and traits. Put it in their book or duotang so they will have quick access to it during science class.

Traits:-distinguishing characteristics

Physical traits-a distinguishing trait that you can usually see like color of flowers, shape of leaves, length of tails, texture of hair

Acquired/learned traits-a distinguishing trait that is acquired, ability to sing, play an instrument, perform tricks

Offspring-product of a reproductive process, young seedlings, young
trees, babies, children, baby animals

Inherit-a feature or distinguishing characteristics passed on to offspring

DNA-instructions in our cell that determine our genetics

Genes-determine which traits will be passed to the offspring

Chromosomes-part of the cell that contains our DNA/genetic material

Dominant-a trait can be inherited if only one parent has the gene, it is the stronger trait

Recessive-a trait inherited from both parents, to inherit this both parents must have the gene, it is the weaker trait

heredity—passing along traits from parents to children

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