Heredity Traits Multiple Choice Worksheets
Heredity Traits Multiple Choice()

Heredity Traits Multiple Choice

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Heredity Traits Multiple Choice

Why reinvent the wheel? Use this free resource to evaluate your kids on heredity and traits. A multiple choice that will assess heredity and traits knowledge in your 3rd graders.

Read the description below and select the keyword that best describes the description. Provide the letter of the word that best matches the keyword description.

Part of the cell that contains out DNA/genetic material.
a) trait b) dominant c) chromosomes d) offspring

An example of a trait.
a) chromosomes b) genetics c) dimples d) heredity

Animal's young, sons and daughters.
a) offspring b) recessive c) genes d) dimples

The gene shows a specific trait even if just one parent passes the gene to the offspring.
a) genes b) DNA c) dominant d) dimples

The gene shows a specific trait even when both parents pass the gene to the offspring.
a) recessive b) genetics c) offspring d) heredity

Instructions that will determine our genetics.
a) dominant b) recessive c) traits d) DNA

Distinguishing characteristics of living things.
a) genetics b) chromosomes c) DNA d) traits

Our traits are controlled by these.
a) offspring b) DNA c) heredity d) genes

Traits that passed off from one parent to an offspring.
a) traits b) recessive c) offspring d) heredity

How traits are inherited is the science of this.
a) genes b) genetics c) chromosomes d) dimples

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