Heredity and Trait Comparison Worksheets
Heredity and Trait Comparison()

Heredity and Trait Comparison

Heredity and Trait Comparison For Google Apps

Heredity and Trait Comparison

This is an interesting assignment for your 3rd graders. They will need to take this worksheet home and complete it with their parents. It is always interesting to investigate our traits and what we have inherited. This exercise will also inform parents of what their children are learning about in science. Perhaps it will open up a huge discussion about their heredity.

Did you know that each of us is different because our cells have DNA that has genes which determine how we will look? They determine hair color, eye color, hair texture, height, eyebrow shape, length of your fingers, and much, much more. These individual differences are called traits and you inherited these traits from your parents.

Compare your traits with your mom and dad or both.

1) My Eye Color My Mom’s Eye Color My Dad’s Eye Color

2) My Hair Color My Mom’s Hair Color My Dad’s Hair Color

3) My Hair Texture My Mom’s Hair Texture My Dad’s Hair Texture

4) Right or Left Handed My Mom R or L My Dad R or L

5) My Amount of Freckles My Mom’s Freckles My Dad’s Freckles

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