Heredity Trait Task Cards List Worksheets
Heredity Trait Task Cards List()

Heredity Trait Task Cards List

Heredity Trait Task Cards List For Google Apps

Heredity Trait Task Cards List

Write down 3 traits that you have and explain how you think you inherited those traits.
Make a list of at least 10 characteristics about you. Divide the list in to 2 categories: inherited and not inherited.
Do you have more dominant or recessive traits? Explain
This is a summary of the task cards for the teacher. Use for your unit on heredity and traits.

Write your own definition for the meaning of heredity.
Explain why a puppy or a kitten won’t always look like its parents.
Leaves have their own characteristics which helps identify which parent trees they came from Explain how leaves differ from each other.
List 8 animals and describe their outer layer characteristics (traits).
Make a list of everything you know about traits and heredity.
Some inherited traits can’t be seen. Can you think of what these might be?
Explain what you think the study of genetics is.
Why is it important to know about inherited traits?
Explain what might happen if all animals/humans/plants were all the same instead of different.
What is your dominant side? List all the things you do with one hand and one foot that you don’t usually do with the other.
Explain how lifestyle choices can impact our physical traits. Provide both positive and negative examples.
Camouflage is a great trait that many animals have. Explain why this is an
important trait for some animals.
Brainstorm a list of traits that animals have that helps them survive in their environment/habitat. (Fins, claws, feather…)

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