Halloween Teaching Ideas Worksheets
Halloween Teaching Ideas()

Halloween Teaching Ideas

Put the word Halloween on chart paper or the board, ask students how many words they can make with the letters in Halloween.
Brainstorm everything that is orange and everything that is black.
Make glow in the dark constellations with glow in the dark putty or play doh.
Make green slime?recipes online. Discuss texture.
Make Halloween masks with paper plates or be creative and use only recycled
Have students sit in a circle and play the Halloween Treat Memory Game: First student: I reached into my Halloween bag and pulled out a red candy, next student, Jack reached in his treat bag and pulled out a red candy and I pulled out an apple?.next student...Jack reached into his treat bag and pulled our a red candy, Jill pulled out an apple and I pulled out a chocolate bar. See how long you can keep it going.
Make a poster to invite everyone to the best Halloween party ever.
Have students research the origins of Halloween.
Find out why some people celebrate Halloween and some people don?t.
Brainstorm what the best Halloween movie is or what the best Halloween book is. Have students provide explain why.
Brainstorm all the Halloween words.
Ask students if they think Halloween is harmful or helpful and have them explain their thinking.
Have Spooky read alouds with the lights out.
Make monsters out of brown paper bags.
Bake pumpkin muffins if you have access to a kitchen.
Make pumpkin puppets using a pumpkin cut out and popsicle sticks.
Using the crayon resist technique, make scary bat, spider and Halloween pictures. (Use card stock paper, color the paper completely with different colors, paint it black, then scratch out the Halloween designs.)
Grow pumpkin seeds.

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