Guided Reading Questions - Fluency Worksheets
Guided Reading Questions - Fluency()

Guided Reading Questions - Fluency

Fluency is the ability to read accurately, for meaning and with expression. Beginner readers often lack
fluency as they will read in a word by word fashion. A fluent reader reads almost effortlessly. Repeated readings, shared reading, choral readings will also help to build fluent readers.

Point to the words as you read.
Can you read it again without pointing?
Can you read with expression?
What should your voice do when you come to a question mark?
What should your voice do when you come to an exclamation mark?
What should your voice do when you come to a comma?
What should your voice do when you end at a period and begin the next sentence?
Can you read this section just like you are talking to someone?
Let’s read the book together with expression.
Now you read the book with expression.
Echo Reading: First I will read a sentence, then you read the sentence.
We will listen to a recorded reading and follow along in the book. Then you try it.

When a child isn’t reading fluently with a just right book, it is important to determine why and then focus on direct teaching. Sometimes the child will lack decoding skills, sometimes the child will lack sight word knowledge and sometimes the book is at a level that is too difficult for the child.

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