Guided Reading Questions - Directionality Worksheets
Guided Reading Questions - Directionality()

Guided Reading Questions - Directionality

Show me the front of the book.
Show me the back of the book.
Show me the title of the book.
Show me the first page that we start reading on.
How do you know this is the first page.
How do we hold a book we want to read?
How do we turn each page?
What is the first word we read after the title?
Show me the first word and the first page we should start to read on.
Show me what we do when we get to the last word on our page.
As I say each word on the page, point to it.
Let’s read together pointing to each word we say on the page.
Tell me when I should turn the page.
How do I know when I finish reading my book?
Why can’t I start at the back?
Why can’t I start in the middle?
What direction do I read the words?
What do I do when I get to the end of a line?
Show me the top of the book.
Show me the bottom of the book.
Show me the side of the book.
Show me the binding of the book.
Show me how we should turn the pages of our book.

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