Guided Reading Questions - Decoding Worksheets
Guided Reading Questions - Decoding()

Guided Reading Questions - Decoding

Decoding is what a child does with an unfamiliar word. Decoding should focus on word attack skills and should help to develop phonemic awareness and include sound/symbol correspondence, beginning and ending consonant sounds, blends, digraphs, rhymes, prefixes and suffixes, single and multi-syllable words, root words, vowels, diphthongs, compound words to name a few.

1. Can you tell me the beginning sound of that word?
2. Can you tell me the ending sound of that word?
3. Do you know any other word that looks like this word?
4. Let’s sound out the word together.
5. What other words sound like that word?
6. How many syllables are in that word?
7. Can you find the root of that word?
8. What are the 2 words in this word? (compound words only.)
Do you know other words with that same ending?
Is there a picture on the page that helps us know what the word is?
Let’s read the sentence then try coming back to the word.
Provide a clue to help with context, for instance if the word is blue, say: The sky is really ____ today.
Say the part you know, then make 3 guesses.

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