Guided Reading Comphrension Skills Worksheets
Guided Reading Comphrension Skills()

Guided Reading Comphrension Skills

A guided reading lesson on comprehension skills will look very different between the grades. There are many components to comprehension. Skills in comprehension begin in the basic , low level type questions and advance to a very high level of questioning which is often referred to as critical literacy. Low level questions are referred to as the “on the lines questions, and the higher level questions are referred to as the off the lines questions”. A low level, on the lines question would be something like: Who is the main character in the book? What happens to the main character? What is the problem in the book? The off the lines, higher level questions would be, why did the author write this book? What was his intention? Do you think the problem was solved appropriately, why or why not? Could there be a sequel to this book and what might it look like?
The teacher would select one or possibly two comprehension skills to focus the guided reading lesson on.
Here is a list of comprehension skills that are often used during guided reading:

Main idea
Understanding cause and effect
Determining author’s purpose
Making inferences
Distinguishing facts from opinions
Distinguishing fantasy from reality
Use contextual clues
Make inferences
Draw conclusions
Understand figurative and literal
Understand characters
Determine the setting and plot
Make connections
Determine the main idea
Understand sequence
Determine point of view
Use supporting facts
Determining relevance and importance

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