Guided Reading Comprehension Questions Worksheets
Guided Reading Comprehension Questions()

Guided Reading Comprehension Questions

Guide reading comprehension questions for various stages of readers.
Look at the cover, what do you think this book will be about? Why?
Could this book be real? Why or why not?
Predict what will happen next and why.
Why do you think ________ happened?
Re-tell your favorite part.
Is there a problem or conflict? What was it? How did it get resolved.
What is the character like? How do you know?
Are the pictures a good match? Why?
Is there anything in the story that reminds you of something in your life?
What are the characters like?
Do the characters remind you on anyone?
Did you learn anything new in this book? Describe.
Is the title a good one for the book? What would another good title be?
Summarize the beginning, the middle and the ending of this book.
What was interesting about this book?
Why or why wouldn?t you recommend this book to somebody else?
Can you predict the outcome?
Sequence the events that happened in this book.
How does this book remind you of another book?
What is interesting about this book?
What new information did you learn about in this book?
In your opinion, why did the author write this book?
Could this book be improved? Why or why not?
What did you notice about the layout of this book?

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