Guided Reading Checklist Worksheets
Guided Reading Checklist()

Guided Reading Checklist

This guided reading checklist focuses on the many skills taught during guided reading. When a child isn't reading fluently, it is usually because one or several of the following reading skills require more support.
Directionality Skills
Front and back of book
Turn pages from beginning one at a time
Locate the title
Locate the first word, second word, third word…
Turn the page after the last word on the page
Answer questions: where is the title?Where is the first page we read? Where is the last page? What do we do when we get to the last word on a page?

Picture Clues/Cues Skills
Identify the picture.
Use the pictures to help read the text
Make predictions based on the
Read facial language in the characters
Infer what is happening in the
Make sense of what is happening in the picture
Explain how the picture relates to the text

One to One Pointing
Early readers follow word by word as each word is said
Knows to hold finger on words longer when they are multi-syllables
Point to requested words
Point to requested pictures
Points to all words—no omissions
Decoding Skills
Knows initial sounds
Knows ending sounds
Knows parts of word
Knows prefixes and suffixes
Sounds out unknown words
Knows words with blends and digraphs at beginning and ending of words (ch, sh, th, pl, sl, ch…)
When sounding out doesn’t work, uses context or the picture to determine the word
Knows high frequency words (and, the, it, a, go, to, see…)
Knows similar sounding words (at –mat, sat, fat, I know at so this must be sat…)

Context Clues
Knowing when a word makes sense or not
Re-reading a phrase to catch a possible error
Knowing if a word sounds wrong
Self-correcting when something doesn’t sound right
Backing up, re-reading to make sure it is right
Making logical substitutions for unknown words
Uses guess and check
Reads ahead to determine what an unknown word may be
Uses the pictur

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