Goal Setting Survey Worksheets
Goal Setting Survey()

Goal Setting Survey

Take the survey to determine how to prioritize what your goals should be.

Am I happy with the friends I have?
Do I have enough friends?
Do my friends enjoy my company and spending time with me?
Is spending quality time with friends important to me?
Do I have strong ,healthy relationships with friends and acquaintances?
Do I feel good about myself?
Am I pleased with my confidence level and self esteem?
Am I doing well in school?
Am I doing well in all of my subjects at school?
Am I a respectful student with both peers and teachers?
Am I reaching my potential in all subject areas in school?
Am I content with my involvement in extra curricular activities at school?
Do I feel eating healthy is important to me?
Do I regularly make good food and beverage choices?
Do I get enough exercise?
Do I feel exercise is important?
Do I get enough sleep?
Am I happy with my appearance and my weight?
Do I have a healthy relationship with my parents?
Do I have a healthy relationship with my siblings and other family members.

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