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Quiz for Geosphere

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Quiz for Geosphere

Time to test your students on the information they have absorbed on the geosphere. This quiz is a multiple choice with ten questions. It will give you an indication of what your gr 6 students remember about this sphere.
A shaking or trembling of the ground caused by the abrupt movement of rock
beneath the surface.
A. erosion B. plate tectonics C. mantel D. earthquake E. landslide
Molten rock beneath the Earth’s surface.
A. geosphere B. volcano C. soil D. magma E. core

A sudden, rapid movement of soil and rock down a slope.
A. weathering B. landslide C. earthquake D. crust E. rock cycle

The innermost layer of the Earth.
A. glaciers B. ocean current C. magma D. volcanoes E. core

The wearing away of the Earth’s surface by wind, water, and ice.
A. core B. erosion C. plate tectonics D. rock cycle E. plate tectonics

The process by which rocks are broken down and changed by wind, water, and
other forces.
A. weathering B. earthquake C. soil D. geosphere E. volcano

The innermost layer of the Earth, composed of iron and nickel.
A. ocean current B. core C. erosion D. plate tectonics E. crust

The continuous process by which rocks are broken down, formed, and changed
over time.
A. magma B. weathering C. rock cycle D. glaciers E. mantel

The science that studies the movement of Earth’s lithospheric plates.
A. glaciers B. landslide C. volcanoes D. earthquake E. plate tectonics

The gradual wearing away of the Earth’s surface.
A. landslide B. weathering C. ocean current D. geosphere E. erosion

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