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Quiz for Geosphere

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Quiz for Geosphere

Are you looking for an evaluation tool for your 4th graders on the geosphere. This quiz is already made and it is free resource. How much information did your students absorb from this unit. Test them and see. An answer sheet is included for easy marking.

Mountains created by the eruption of molten rock from the Earth’s core.
A. plate tectonics B. rock cycle C. volcanoes D. ocean current
E. volcano

A sudden, rapid movement of soil and rock down a slope.
A. geosphere B. landslide C. volcanoes D. earthquake E. erosion

The theory that Earth’s crust is made up of several large plates that move slowly over the surface.
A. soil B. landslide C. plate tectonics D. weathering E. glaciers

The movement of water in the ocean caused by the wind, the tides, and the
rotation of the Earth.
A. core B. magma C. ocean current D. crust E. plate tectonics

A sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust that causes the ground to shake.
A. plate tectonics B. earthquake C. plate tectonics D. rock cycle
E. mantel

The innermost layer of the Earth, composed of iron and nickel.
A. weathering B. core C. landslide D. mantel E. ocean current

The continuous process by which rocks are broken down, formed, and changed
over time.
A. earthquake B. erosion C. glaciers D. crust E. rock cycle

The outermost layer of the Earth.
A. geosphere B. crust C. core D. magma E. volcanoes

The innermost layer of the Earth.
A. volcano B. core C. weathering D. earthquake E. soil

A shaking or trembling of the ground caused by the abrupt movement of rock
beneath the surface.
A. plate tectonics B. glaciers C. soil D. earthquake E. crust

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