Multiple Choice Forces Worksheets
Multiple Choice Forces()

Multiple Choice Forces

This is a perfect printable to evaluate your kiddos on this science unit. It is a ready made test that will give you an idea of what concept and information your class has remembered about motion and force. Words are provided for each clue and students are required to choose the most appropriate one.
1 A measure of how fast or slow something is moving. A.direction B.force C.pull D.speed
2 The measure of length. How far. A.motion B.smooth C.distance D.push
3 A force away from you. A.gravity B.speed C.push D.magnet
4 A push or a pull. A.weight B.distance C.rough D.force
5 Where an object moves from one moment to the next. A.speed B.direction C.friction D.position
6 A surface without any bumps. A.position B.force C.direction D.smooth
7 The measure of the force of gravity on an object. A.weight B.pull C.gravity D.motion

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