Force Motion Crossword 1 Worksheets
Force Motion Crossword 1()

Force Motion Crossword 1

Young and old enjoy doing a good crossword. What a great way to change things up while doing your science unit on force and motion. Maybe a Friday afternoon is a good time to do a fun activity instead of a lab. Using the clues on the bottom the sheet fill in the correct word in boxes across and down. ACROSS clues are 4. A force that pulls objects toward the earth. 6. A surface with bumps. 7. A measure of how fast or slow something is moving. 8. The measure of length. How far? 9. A surface without any bumps.
DOWN clues are 1. An object that can pull certain types of metal toward itself. 2. A force away from you. 3. Where an object moves from one moment to the next. 5. A push or a pull. You can use this activity for early finishers as well.

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